Sunday, November 15, 2009 Y 2:14 PM

I'm glad its over!

A pity that till today my Lion King still suck.
Who cares? Its overrrrrrrr!
I'll just have to buck up next time! ( Seven more months to improve )

Thanks to my family, alumnis and friends(esp Shaun!) who came down to support yea.
Sorry to disappoint you guys though!
I will remember what Siraj and Fayyad said (:
They had the best encore. (hahaha)

No flowers but potato chips. First time eh?

I love lepak-ing at macs with A, John and Yee hui.
I love lepak-ing at macs with Hafiz, ahbang, Yee Hui and John too. :D

Let the photos do the talking.

My auntie. hahaha!
Nazri, you are so not the son.My super adorable yet naughty juniors.
The only three girls left in percussion.
I miss my super alumnis! Best ahbang!
This photo was super hard to get.
Look at my damn heavy eye bags.I love star family! :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009 Y 8:02 PM

Damn you no originality biatch.

I didn't like you from the start already and now you are doing things to agitate me further.
Whats your damn motive?
Get your own blogging style.
Wahlao eh. Are you primary six or what?!
In my memory, only primary school kids do these stuff.
You are sec threeeeee. like HELLO!?

Get a life. Don't make me HATE you even more.
Yes, its you! YOU YOU! TADA!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 Y 11:25 PM

Stressed. Shitty. Scared.

Bang the wall.

Band Camp is finally over.
I get to rest more (actually no difference). BECAUSE, I'm still very tired.
The first day was filled with rehearsals(afternoon),formations(evening) and game planning(midnight).
Yea. So I was extremely tired and I was completely knocked out.

The second day was filled with more rehearsals and formations.
With a little bit of crying and more game planning.
Plus a little spice of conflicts.(childish) HAH!
Shan't comment much about it.
Had our star family girls' night talk. FUN. I think we got more bonded already. (:
See! The Sec Three girls are so bonded unlike... hahaha!

The third day was all about games.
Thanks Fayyad for coming down so early to help me with my drum set.
Fun, tiring and successful.
I love the scissors, paper, stone game. haha. All of our butts got bruised. heh.
Group two; Shinchan! :D
We had our very cute and sexy mascot.
Yeapaye~ We won seconddddddddddd! Very good already(:
We the sec threes performed too.
Had a fun time and the best part was the pouring of flour on Miss Chang. HAHA!

The scariest thing in this camp was the black out during our bath time.
I will never bathe with only two people in the toilet. Freaking scary and dark.

The fattest thing we did was to eat supper continuously for three days.
Our supper consists of instant noodles, potato chips and more tidbits.
Gahh. I need to burn them away. So unhealthy!

I want the entire collection of Mac donald's happy meal toy. (HAHA!)

I'm giving up. I know I cannot make it this time.
And I am not going to deceive myself like how you people lie to me.
I know you guys just wanna make me feel better.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 Y 8:44 PM

I'm a w-e-a-k-l-i-n-g.

This week is really a very very busy week.
Extra lessons which seem to be of no purpose because I don't get a thing about what the teachers had been saying.
I think the most productive lesson was CHINESE!
Can you believe it ? HAH!
Next was Chemistry which I managed to catch a little.
E.Math was okay but A.Math is terrible.
I don't understand chapter twleveeeeeee! Which means I'm dead.
Mr Goh will be our new Math teacher and I'm so not used to him. Shiats man.
New notes system (I don't like). No stories. D:

I'm disappointed in myself thoroughly.
Compare my standard with the previous batches'. I think I suck.
WL! I forgot how to march and play at the same time. DIE!
I wish S_______ was back here to scold my section.
To force them to practice and to bring my section to a greater height.
I don't want to be the meanie. ):

I think I'm not going to enjoy this camp at all.
I've got a gut feeling that I will miss home. (For the first time)

Piles of homework and project undone.
I think I'm thinking too much. God Bless Me.

I cannot wait for 28th November.
When the break finally comes...

Sunday, November 1, 2009 Y 7:02 PM

The tiniest things will brighten up my day.

I am optimistic.
I'm all prepared for next week.
I will persevere!
My section will be ready for concert by end of band camp.
Whack me to wake me up (:

Had a good swim this morning with P.
Babe, remember to do your stretching next time. HAHA.
Slacked around watching teevee and now I'm waiting for my delicious dinner.

I am going to start on my Holiday assignment after dinner.
I am going to be very hardworking.

THANKS to ____ (for making mua happy)
Pearlyn for your company today and yesterday.
You for showing me your dp. Idk why am I so happy but yea. (I want it)
Momsie for cooking my fave dish
Sissie for the watermelon.

ahhh. I feel so pampered. :D

Friday, October 30, 2009 Y 6:24 PM


I don't like to be left alone.
I don't like to do things by myself.
I don't want to take care of the section alone.
I'm afraid that I cannot handle the section.
I don't like to be abandoned.

This is crap.
Total bullshit.


Yue Qin - Touchy touched touched (:
Fayyad - Yea. I will for the sake of my section. You stay happy ya!
(: - hahaha.
Pearlyn - HAHA! Nice mah.
Yee Hui - ): I v sad!
John - Ya ya be BOF with that damn lizard. I will hate you like how I hate lizards for leaving the section to me.
Neltharion - haha. Your mum is super !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Y 5:38 PM

Totally non- describable.

I don't know how to answer your questions because I don't even know the answers myself.
Sigh. My mood is very unpredictable nowadays.
One moment I'm happy another I'm sad.

Anyway, I was thinking when will be the day that something exciting will happen to me.
When I came home today, I saw a lizard on the wall.
I moved and it ran to my roses.
I moved again and it ran into the wardrobe through that tiny hole.
I FREAKED OUT and I messaged my mom.
Miracles do happen eh?
She came back almost immediately to start our battle with the lizard.
We used like metal rulers, bamboo sticks, plastic bag etc to chase the lizard away.
But that stupid idiotic lizard refused to come out of my wardrobe.
Its brown, small and ugly. The smaller lizards are, the creepier they get.

I made a trip down to the dentist to tighten my braces.
HAHA! On the way, I bought some sticky pad thing to trap the lizard (:
But it was of no use. WHY? Because the damn lizard went into the keyboard box.
I open the box and true enough the lizard ran out.
Pass my fingers. I screammmmmmmmmmmed like Idk what.
It was very comical and funny.
I should've taken a video eh?

Its out of my room, out of my house and I'm very happy.

Right... What am I going to do during the holidays ?
  • Have band practices until both the concerts are over. *excited*
  • Go on study dates with Shin Ying. (Who wants to study with mua?)
  • Burn my fats (swimming and jogging(?) )
  • Outings and more outings
  • Shaleh. HAHAHA!!
I need to study. I need to prepare myself. (Not trying to be kiasu)
I want to get back to TOP FIFTEEN!